Encouragement when you are overwhelmed as a homemaker

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Are you in a season of feeling overwhelmed or discouraged as you strive to do your best to take care of your family? My prayer is that you will find encouragement here. Today we will look at 4 statements of encouragement when you are overwhelmed. 

Maybe you woke up this morning and spilled your coffee, or you just had a long week and haven’t been able to catch your breath, maybe you’re already overwhelmed by what’s for dinner and you haven’t even made it to breakfast…or maybe that was just my morning. Either way, you are welcome here.

We can easily find ourselves in a place of feeling overwhelmed by our responsibilities, expectations or caring for others. In those seasons we need a friend to come alongside us and give us some encouragement. We need a friend to put the amazing work of a homemaker into perspective to remind us, we won’t be perfect and that’s ok.  I want to be that friend for you today. So let’s jump in and look at these 4 statements of encouragement for when you find yourself overwhelmed. 

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Encouragement #1: It is ok if you are not the best at everything

Oh my goodness, I am the queen of putting too much pressure on myself to be the best, anyone relate? 

Go read that encouragement again. It doesn’t say you don’t have to try your hardest, or do your best. It says it’s ok if you aren’t always the best at everything. 

I am not the best at cleaning floors. It drives me a little crazy because I want to be good at sweeping. My husband can come home and sweep up a pile of dirt after I’ve already swept the floors right before he got home. This used to discourage me and I would overwhelm myself trying to sweep as thoroughly as possible but I learned that it is ok if I am not the best at cleaning floors. God gave me a husband that is amazing at it and he is happy to fill in where I lack (marriage is beautiful in that way sometimes). More importantly, God is still pleased with my efforts even when I am not perfect.

Even more so, God does not look at you as a wife or a mom and become disappointed because you are not the best wife/mom in the world, he looks at you and he sees your efforts. Do not overwhelm yourself with being the best or always having it together. Rather, let your heart be content in knowing that you are doing YOUR best and that is good enough. 

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31

Scripture does not say “do it all perfectly,” it says to do it all for the glory of God. So take a breath, my friend, check the standards you have placed on yourself and give yourself grace to believe that doing your best is enough. 

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Encouragement #2: Your unique season of life is still beautiful

Every season of life is accompanied by situations that can become overwhelming. You might be a stay at home mom with a newborn, a single mom working 2 jobs to take care of your babies, or you’re newly married and just trying to figure out what that even means for you. 

Take heart, your season of life is a beautiful one. Even when you have baby spit up all over you, that season is uniquely beautiful. 

Do not get overwhelmed by trying to fill your life with everything you “think” is important. On the contrary, evaluate what truly is important for your family in your season. You might need to recalibrate your expectations for where you are in life. 

Questions to ask when you get overwhelmed: 

  • Am I loving those around me? 
  • Has everyone been fed? 
  • Is our home a safe place for our family? 

Maybe you need to come up with your own questions. Remind yourself that each season of life will look different and give yourself the freedom to not live in an overwhelmed state when things change. 

If you are loving, nurturing, and caring for your family, you are doing enough. Let this be an encouragement for when you are overwhelmed. 

Encouragement #3: You were created for a purpose only you can fulfill  

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the thought that you are not good enough or you weren’t made for the task or role set before you? I have good news, you were created to be a homemaker. 

God specifically created women to be homemakers. That doesn’t mean every woman is born a master at bread making. However, scripture does lay out the purpose for which women were put on earth and it is unique only to women.

Want to learn more about your purpose? Click here to discover your true purpose! 

When you become overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to accomplish or the skills you want to learn but have not yet tackled, take a step back and ask yourself what you have done. Have you cleaned recently? Did you play with your kids today? Have you spent time with the Lord? 

You don’t have to complete a long list of homemaker skills to be a good wife/mom/woman. Keep showing up and learning as you go and be proud of what you have done so far. 

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Encouragement #4: You don’t have to do what everyone else does

Have you ever found yourself watching hours of homemakers on youtube and you leave feeling overwhelmed by all the “homemaker” things you aren’t doing? I know I have! Even in the homemaking world there is this comparison game we all have to recognize and choose not to be a part of.

You are the only woman that knows your family, their needs, and what works for your lifestyle. If you want to get some egg laying hens but you really cannot handle a garden, don’t be overwhelmed just go find a store and get some veggies! Everyone is on a different journey.

Check out how to find local farms in your area by clicking here!

I personally wish I knew how to sew. I think it is such a unique and beautiful craft but I get very overwhelmed by the thought so instead, I support other’s by buying their handmade items.

Let this be an encouragement when you are overwhelmed: your life is going to look different than those around you and your skills are going to be different than those around you. Allow yourself to learn how to compliment others in your differences rather than be overwhelmed by all you can’t/aren’t doing.

Let me know in the COMMENTS below which one of these truths really encouraged you today! I truly hope and pray this is an encouragement for when you are overwhelmed in this beautiful and crazy life.

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