The Ultimate Toxin Free Gift Guide

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Are you looking for a gift for that crunchy, organic, non-toxic friend? I’ve got you covered! Below is the ultimate toxin free gift guide full of ideas that any crunchy, homemaking, all natural friend would love! I am giving you my top 9 go to non-toxic gifts.

If you’re like me, you want to get your loved one something they will actually like but you don’t know what to get. It can be tricky to find just the right gift for someone with a toxin free home. No bath and body works, nothing plastic , no sulfates, no fragrance, only pure metal jewelry…the list goes on and on. I should know, I’m one of those people. However, there are still plenty of options for gifts that will make your crunchy friend feel loved, seen, and special. So don’t miss out on the 9 items below!

I truly hope you find a gift idea that will create a memorable moment that will last forever. Enough talk about why you should look at this list, let’s get into it!

#1 Plants – A Toxin Free BFF

plant in a ceramic pot

House plants are the best for so many reasons. Your toxin free friend will love getting a house plant not only because they are beautiful but they also help purify the air! If you are curious about the health benefits of a plant, do a quick search on the plant you were thinking about getting and you’ll find more information on what that plant has to offer.

No one has too many plants, trust me. God created such beauty in plants and giving them as a gift is a reminder to your friend of his creativity and attention to detail.

Below you will find durable house plants that also have health benefits:

#2 Tea Assortments

Loose leaf tea in mason jars

It is very likely that your crunchy mom, friend, human, likes tea! An even more personalized way to make this gift special is to get a box of their favorite tea or even get a bag of loose leaf tea.

A tea assortment gifts them an opportunity to possibly try something new or just enjoy the experience of a new tea every night before bed. This is a simple yet always desired gift which is why it is #2 on the toxin free gift guide.

Some of my favorite tea recommendations can be found by clicking the links in the list below:


#3 All Natural Candles

beeswax candle

Finding all natural candles without chemicals and toxic fragrances can be tricky. However, if you know what to look for, a candle can be a really special toxin free gift.

Look for candles made with beeswax! My sister in law makes beeswax candles and they are AMAZING! You get the natural light, cozy feel, and essential oil scents without the fragrance headache. Additionally, soy wax candles should be avoided if possible. In the simplest of terms, soy contains protective toxins that can become endocrine disrupters, so I try to stay away from soy when possible.

Here are some toxin free gift guide approved candles:

#4 Handmade Pottery

A handmade gift crafted with naturally sourced materials is toxin free gift giving gold. Pottery is a timeless gift that will remind your toxin free friend of you every time they look at it.

When searching for pottery there are some things to look out for. First, make sure the pottery is made either fair trade or by a local USA based business. Second, make sure the paint used on the pottery is free of led. Led based paints are not common anymore but it never hurts to check.

Check out these online handmade pottery sources:

#5 Naturally Sweetened Chocolate Treats

100% cacao bar unsweetened with cacao chips sprinkled around

We all know the phrase, “every girl likes chocolate,” but what about your toxin free friend that doesn’t eat processed food or refined sugar? I am here to tell you, she still likes chocolate, she is just more selective with the chocolate she chooses to indulge in.

If you are feeling extra ambitious, another great idea is to make a delicious treat from scratch. You can search, “healthy dessert recipes” on pinterest or google and find plenty of inspiration.

Some of the best chocolate options are:

#6 Essential Oil Set

A toxin free home is not complete without some essential oils in there somewhere. Essential oils are a great gift because they are practical, they smell good, and you can never have enough!

It is good to know if your toxin free loved one has a specific brand of oils she likes such as doTERRA, young living, plant therapy, or simply earth to name a few. Knowing the brand of essential oils the person prefers will be a great asset as you shop for them. Some individuals are very particular and the whole point of buying them something from this toxin free gift guide is so that it will be something the love! Be sure to do your research (discreetly of course).

Shop around and find the perfect essential oil to show your toxin free loved one that you think they’re special!

Essential oil gift ideas:

#7 Woven Baskets

woven basket in front of flowers

I don’t know if I could ever have enough woven baskets! They are versatile, beautiful, natural, and durable. Handwoven baskets made the list because they provide storage and decoration made from a toxin free substance. Typically, woven baskets are made from rattan (the stem of a palm) or jute cord. These baskets can be used in place of plastic bins which provide a more natural environment for the home.

TIP: To add a little extra sentimentality to your gift, fill the woven basket with sweet notes, drawings from your kids, fresh flowers, freshly baked bread, etc. Get creative and add a little something extra making this a gift basket!

Here are some beautiful woven baskets:

#8 Bath Salts

One of the best ways to rid the body of toxins is with bath salts, so this had to make the list! Every girl could use a little pampering now and then. Giving the gift of bath salts will show your loved one that you care about them and want them to take care of themselves. Sometimes I need to be reminded to take care of myself while I’m so busy caring for others, anyone else fall into that category?

Be sure to look for bath salts scented with essential oils. You don’t want to buy the bath salts that say “fragrance” in the ingredient list. There are endless substances that can be thrown under the fragrance umbrella so for the sake of the toxin free gift, avoid bath salts with the word fragrance in the ingredient list.

You can even make your own bath salts! Making bath salts is super simple and quite fun. All you need is epsom salt and essential oils for a basic bath salt. Check out this bath salt recipe: How To Make Rose Bath Salts by our oily house

Here are some trusted, clean ingredient bath salts:

#9 Organic Cotton Blanket

We often don’t think about fabric or materials being toxic but, my friend, they can be. Many blankets and clothing are made with synthetic materials that can cause irritation to the skin. Generally, one of the best materials for clothing/blankets is cotton. Cotton is a clean energy conducting material and it’s not synthetic so that’s a plus.

Organic cotton blankets are soft and cozy making a great gift for your toxin free friend to snuggle up with. Buying the organic cotton insures that there are no chemicals in the cotton being used to make the blanket. If the goal is to stay toxin free, organic cotton is the way to go!

TIP: Pair this blanket with a movie and some popcorn to make this gift extra special!

Check out these affordable organic cotton blanket options:

We all desire to buy gifts that people actually like and sometimes finding that gift can be tricky when your loved one is particular about their health and home. Hopefully after looking through this toxin free gift guide, you have an idea or two for that perfect non-toxic gift! I, personally, would love receiving any of these gifts and if you were to ask my friends, they would definitely classify me as a non-toxic, crunchy, extreme health everything kind of person. Ha ha.

Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite gift idea.

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