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As a wife, mother, caretaker, whatever shoes you find yourself filling, one of the most daunting tasks is making sure the kitchen stays stocked so you can have the essentials when you are ready to cook. It is important to always have ingredients on hand when you want a pan of brownies, ya know what I mean? Below are some of the best places to buy bulk food online. 

 An easy way to ensure you have the essentials is to buy them in bulk. Finding quality bulk food stores that have organic and healthy options can be challenging so here is a list of 6 stores that one could claim are the best place to buy bulk food online. Places like Essential Organics and Mountain Rose Herbs are some of the top healthy, caring, sustainable, and affordable bulk food distributors. Additionally, with a little research places like Amazon can be a helpful source as well.

There are more and more individuals searching for alternative ways of sourcing food as we realize the future of the grocery stores staying fully stocked is not guaranteed. A simple way to prepare for the unknown is to stock up on the food that would be an essential for your family. As the caretaker of your home, you get the privilege of stocking and storing things in the home to provide for your family. Additionally, buying in bulk usually means saving money and I am all about saving some dollars! 

Below are 6 stores that I would consider to be the best place to buy bulk food online. These stores have proven to be great sources for buying healthy, organic, non-gmo, clean, and small farms supporting bulk foods.

#1 Essential Organics 

essential organics website front page

Essential organics is a great place to buy the bulk essentials like oats, spices, oils, sweeteners, and more. 

Their goal is to provide families with the ability to buy bulk essentials at an affordable cost. They work hard to sustainably source their products and support local distributors and farms. 

Some of the bulk food categories include: 

They offer free shipping on orders over $150 so stocking up all at once will be to your advantage. TIP: If you do not meet the free shipping requirements you may be able to ask friends or family if they want to add to your order and reach the free shipping requirement that way. 

After placing an order with Essential Organics they will deliver the products to your front door. It is SO NICE! The items are packaged well and the products are good quality. 

It is tough to really know which site is best for online grocery shopping but essential organics is definitely at the top of my list.

PROS: They deliver right to your door. The products are quality and can be purchased at a competitively affordable price. The variety of products caters to many different diets and cultures. The shipping is free for larger orders. There are different size options for the products. Finally, they have a large selection of bulk foods to choose from.  

CONS: The biggest con is probably the free shipping minimum. Additionally, they are occasionally out of stock with key items due to high demand. Even though they sell grains, they do not have regular wheat flour. Lastly, they do not have any already prepared food such as snack bars. So if you are looking for a place to stock up on already packaged foods, you’ll want to check out one of the other options listed below. 

#2 Azure Standard 

azure standard logo

This online bulk food store is very unique. The design of Azure Standard functions more as a food coop. You place your order and then you go to a “local drop” at someone’s house in your area to pick it up. 

Azure Standard has such a large range of products. They have things like cleaning products, make up, produce, grains, dairy, and even frozen meat. Compared to other bulk food distributors, azure standard has the largest variety of products and size options. 

Some of my go-to products from Azure Standard are 

Here is how Azure Standard works, every month you place your order before the cut-off deadline and then they will pack up your order and send it on a semi truck. You will receive an email the week before with the day and time the truck will be delivering the food. If you cannot make it to the drop at that time, a friend can pick it up for you. 

Azure Standard is a great source because of their wide range of bulk products. This would be a great place to buy those already packaged snacks if that is what you are looking for. 

If you do not want to meet at a drop they do offer home delivery, however, it can be pricey. It is convenient if you do not have a drop close to your area though. The delivery fee for a drop site is 8.5% of your total order. 

Additionally, Azure Standard offers a cash back reward system. For every item you purchase you receive “azure cash” that you can add to your order at check out. The azure cash typically offsets my shipping costs when I place orders. 

PROS: This really is a one stop shop. The products are very reasonably priced and high quality. They have such a large variety of items. The drops provide you with an opportunity to connect with other like minded people in your area if you are looking for that sort of thing. They do offer delivery if you do not have a drop near you. The delivery drivers are so friendly and occasionally they will have items on the truck you can purchase at a very discounted price. 

CONS: The day and time for the food drop changes from month to month and you cannot always prepare in advance. They only do a drop once a month so it is important to plan on purchasing everything you would need to last until the next order date. The shipping can be inconvenient and can be costly but even with shipping costs, some of the products are still more affordable than competitors. 

#3 Bulk Herb Store

Bulk Herb Store is a go-to for all things herbal and medicinal. They are your source for all herbs, teas, and spices. They provide high quality products and have a few additional items such as these chocolate honey patties

The Bulk Herb Store is currently offering free shipping on ALL orders within the US! 

You can stock up on the following items: 

Additionally, the Bulk Herb Store has vegan soaps and accessories such as tea infusers. 

The variety of herbs and spices on this site really are outstanding. There is a lot of care and thought put into the products, the site and the packaging of the orders. They will ship right to your door at no additional cost within the United States. 

PROS: The range of herbs and spices is large and all the products are high quality. There are other products as well such as soap and accessories. FREE SHIPPING (need I say more?). 

CONS: The variety of products is limited to herbs and spices so it is not a one stop shop when buying bulk online. The quantity options are limited, however the sizing is reasonable for the products being purchased. Shipping outside of the US is not free. 

#4 Amazon

Oh, Amazon…the place with everything. After doing some research, I have found Amazon to be a place you can find deals when you buy food in bulk online.  

The variety of brands and products on Amazon make it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Furthermore, Amazon has multiple ways to qualify for free shipping. 

Some bulk food items I buy on Amazon: 

Typically, if you spend over $25 on select items you can get free shipping even if you do not subscribe to Amazon Prime. 

There are many bulk food items on amazon and if you know the items you want to stock up on it is easy to search for them. 

Amazon makes it convenient to purchase bulk foods because you can also add additional items that are not bulk food to an order. You can knock out two birds with one stone! 

PROS: Easy access to a lot of different products. The shipping can easily become free if the products allow. You can place an order any time and it will be shipped to your door. 

CONS: Amazon does not necessarily source their products from local or small businesses as do some of the other options listed above. There are a lot of bulk options but it is more limited at times because bulk food is not the main focus of amazon. Sometimes products are not as advertised, meaning they are not as high quality as the description might lead you to believe. 

#5 Walmart

Much like Amazon, Walmart is lower on the list because it is a big box store but you can also source some organic bulk food products more easily. Now, you might be wondering why some other big box stores like Sams or Costco did not make the list. I did not include those stores because shipping is limited and it gets tricky. I wanted to provide you with online options that had good shipping methods. 

Walmart is a good place to find flour, noodles, cacao bars (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!) and many pre-packaged snacks if that is what you are looking for. 

Some of the bulk items I recommend at Walmart are: 

PROS: Free Shipping is easy to accomplish with Walmart. The search engine is easy to use and the variety of items is extensive. Surprisingly, there are many good organic options at Walmart. You can shop for bulk items along with everyday necessities all at the same time!

CONS: Supporting local farms can be challenging when buying through Walmart. Not all items qualify for free shipping depending on where the items are being shipped from. 

So what is the best place to buy bulk food online?  Looks like you’ll have to go shopping and decide for yourself. Each one of these stores had their pros and cons but hopefully you’ve discovered at least one new way to source your bulk foods. 

Every family has different needs, storage space, finances, and goals so take this information and use it to help your family how you see fit. I want to equip you with the tools you need to get the best food to provide for your family. Buying in bulk usually saves money and helps you prepare for the unknowns of life so I hope and pray this information at least has you thinking about how it is possible to buy quality food in bulk online. 

The best place to buy bulk food online | Healthy Organic Eating 

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